About the Exhibition

Alabama Reckoner is an exploration of the process-driven work of Alabama artist, Douglas Pierre Baulos. In this exhibition, he presents portraits of artists that inspire him, and all of whom he met in Alabama. The portraits consist of three dimensional found objects, handmade paper, and meticulous details that give clues to each of the artists’ personalities.

The portraits featured in Alabama Reckoner represent individuals that Baulos has met in Alabama, some that he knows well, others that simply inspire him for one reason or another. Portraits include Chiharu Takahashi Roach, Matt Grubb, Victor Thompson, Merrilee Challiss, Pinky Bass, Dariana Dervis, Ukuu Tafari, Matt Posey, Jon Woolley, L.L. Foster, and Brian Edmonds, and a self portrait of Douglas Pierre Baulos.

This is the second exhibition in a three-part series recognizing Alabama’s Bicentennial and highlights the 2018 bicentennial theme “Honoring our People.”